Hi There!

I'm Connor, I'm a freelance web developer based in Blackpool, UK. I specialise in bringing your awesome ideas to life on the web.

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    <h1>Hi There!</h1>
        I'm Connor, I'm a **freelance web developer** based in Blackpool, UK. I specialise in bringing your awesome **ideas to life** on the web.
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Latest Work

Who am I?

I'm a passionate developer who's been working with clients and agencies for the last 4 years. In that time I've helped businesses of all sizes give their ideas life. I've Built everything from a small landing page to a large scale CMS and everything in between. Building and creating is what I live for!

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What I do

I'm a full stack developer, this allows me the freedom to create everything you need from start to finish or help out with a project anywhere in its life cycle. I've spent many years using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJs, React, VueJS, MYSQL SASS... and many more.

The Product

At the end of the entire process you will receive a fast, beautiful, responsive website that is optimised for search engines and converting users. You will get a website that you're proud of.

Services I've worked with

My Demos

When I’m not working on client projects, I’m usually tinkering around with new design ideas and technology. Here are a few of my demos on CodePen

Have you got an amazing idea?

If you've got a idea and you're interested in working together, I'd love to hear about it!

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