A Little More About Me - Connor Gaunt

As i’m sure you’ve noticed already, I'm Connor. Hello! For as long I can remember I have loved creating things. Code happened to be that creative outlet for me, more specifically code for the web. After studying IT at Blackpool and the Fylde College and getting a triple Distinction* I decided that the web was my career path of choice. I then set out to seek experience and I managed to secure myself an apprenticeship at 17, that quickly progressed into a full time web development position. I learned a lot from that job and was there for 3 years, at the end of that position I worked my way up to become a manager. I also had the chance to train a few aspiring web developers and bring them into my team which was amazing.

That job cemented my passion for development and whilst there I got the opportunity to work on projects of all sizes, I loved every second of it. Once I decided it was time for a change, I went on to work remotely for another web agency based in Herefordshire. Working remotely really opened my eyes and I realised this is how I wanted to work for the foreseeable future.

Now, I’m a freelance web developer. Combining both my dreams of running my own business and writing code. Going freelance demands a level of passion, accountability and drive which I feel I have. For me coding isn’t just a job, I live and breathe it. When I’m not working on a project for a client, I’m most definitely working on a project/product for myself or learning how to get better at my job. On the odd occasion I’m not working on something, you can either find me at the swimming pool or the movies. Side note, if you have never listened to music underwater you should try your best to change that.